FILFY comes to The Gunners!

After a successful launch night at The Alternative Escape in Brighton, Cheeky Little Productions is bringing FILFY to London and it’s all happening at one of our favourite venues, THE GUNNERS PUB!

A FREE Saturday Night Alternative Indie Rock Party! A gratuitous feast of guitars, beats and bass to grab you by the ears and drag you onto the dance floor!

We’ve got three swank and swaggering live acts for you in the shape of…

Alt. rock flavoured indie with attitude.

The 20th Century proved there’s a lot you can do with a couple of guitars, a bass, a drum kit, and a chronic case of egotism. And the 21st Century seems to have proved that humanity has, all along, been one massive case of chronic egotism, living in anxious anticipation of the internet. Fiende Fatale are just doing their bit. Come see them, come hear them, come follow them! They promise not to bore.

Alternative indie rock – guitar-driven songs with soaring and distinctive vocal melodies – emotional and powerful songs with a mainstream, yet edgy appeal.


Creamy and melodic alt-indie-pop, from the heart of London infused with nostalgic retro flavours.

+ JB-DJ will be back, playing out a prestigious collection of indie/alternative-indie rock greats, including The Coral, Stone Roses, Cage The Elephant, White Stripes etc. etc. etc. yeah.!

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